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  • How does the online interaction work?
    It depends on the program and also on you as a person. The check-ins are generally on Zoom, but if you’re shy than we can do emails/messages only. The fitness programs are delivered through a mobile app and the nutrition is combined.
  • Can I work with Dasha in person or is it just online?
    You certainly can work with me face to face. You can train with me at NuPeak (have a one-on-one personal training or join one of my classes) or we can meet in Goondiwindi or Brisbane for a consultation.
  • Can’t find an answer to your question?
    Shoot me an email and ask anything.
  • Are the meal plans personalised?
    Definitely. I will ask you questions about you first to make the meal plan suitable to your needs, goals, likes and dislikes. I won’t make you eat broccoli if you hate it :-)
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